About SunDesign
We use the power of design to transform, seduce and create impact throughpositive change.

Who do we design for?
The most loved types of brands, Challengers & Icons. Challengers change the future with big ideas, and our role is to help them realize their potential and ambition. Icons hold a lot of emotion and meaning and our role is to nurture their specialness and help them stay ahead.
Our story
SunDesign is an independent design business with a single philosophy, 1 studios and 3 Partners. From Singapore to Beijing, we share our talent & resources and we’ve got a lot more to do.
Our perspective
We are the team creating the soul of brand; we was born to build brand for our partners ,and from strategic thinking to creative execution , we make the brand more dynamic andmore attractive.
We study brand. By solving all the problems with the brand , we indicate the direction ofthe enterprises , Clear the property of products, giving businesses and products soul andpersonality , so that consumers understand and agree that at the same time.Brand is outward & internal, only the brand and managing philosophy achieving unity, brand consistency can be revealed.