On October 23, the Greater China Effie Awards International Forum kicked off at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Effie Awards International Forum invited a group of big coffees to launch a wonderful sharing with the theme of "Intelligent Marketing of Time Evolution Theory". In the roundtable discussion session, Sun Hao, general manager of Sogou's brand customer sales department, Wang Meng, strategic director of National Marketing Center, Sun Jian, founder of Sun Design, and Shen Yanwei, director of Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom, was the president of Guangzhou Himalayan Marketing Consultant Co., Ltd. Under the auspices of Mr. Jia Yuyong, he participated in the discussion of intelligent marketing. Everyone discussed the ways in which companies responded in the context of smart marketing. Among them, Wang Meng, the strategy director of the National Marketing Center, uses two keywords “artificial intelligence”, “water purification” to summarize some information features, and how to help advertisers accurately find target customers.